Delegating Trustees

Attention interested parents, students, staff, community members, etc.: the HDSB Delegation By-law 2012 explains the process of how to delegate the Board of trustees on an issue that matters to you.

If you wish to delegate about the LTAP & Burlington high school closures, the internet filtering motion or anything else at the Wed Jun 4th meeting, you must email the Director’s Office, <>, before noon on Tue May 27th advising of your intent to delegate. Your complete written delegation must be emailed to the Director’s Office, <>, before noon on Thu May 29th. Your delegation will then be sent to trustees along with the entire Board package on Fri May 30th. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your Trustee.

Requests to Delegate


1.An individual or group may request the opportunity to present a delegation to the Board of Trustees at a Regular or Special Meeting of the Board. All such requests will be subject to the approval of the Chair, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

2.Requests to delegate shall be submitted in writing to the attention of the Chair, care of the Secretary of the Board (Director of Education) or designate, and received by no later than noon on the Tuesday of the week preceding the meeting of the Board at which the delegate intends to present.

3.The Secretary of the Board or designate will provide a copy of this By-Law along with a confirmation that the request to delegate has been received, to every individual who submits a written request in accordance with section 2 above.

4.The Chair shall allow up to six (6) delegations per meeting, and will give priority to delegates who intend to address issues that appear on the ‘Ratification/Action’ section of the agenda, considering delegations for approval in the order in which requests are received.

5.A delegate will be advised that their request to present has been accepted and placed on the upcoming agenda as soon after the submission deadline as is practicable.

6.Where a request to delegate proposes to deal with subject matter which will not appear on the forthcoming Board meeting agenda, but will appear on a future agenda, the Chair may defer the request to a subsequent meeting, and will so advise the delegate.

7.The Chair will immediately notify the delegate and Trustees, along with a written rationale, should a request to delegate on a particular topic be denied, or should the delegation be deferred to a meeting which will take place after the matter which they which to address has been decided.

8.Where an individual or group requests the opportunity to delegate the Board more than once on the same or a related topic, the Chair may at his or her discretion deny the request, or reduce the time that the delegate is allowed to present, and in any event will only approve the request where satisfied that new material will be presented.

9.Where there are multiple delegations on a particular topic, and where there is an overlap in the material to be presented, the Chair may reduce the time allocated to each delegate, and/or request that the delegates combine their presentation, and will so advise the delegate(s) at the time that their delegation is confirmed.

Written Transcripts Required

10. A delegate who has received confirmation that they will appear on the next agenda must provide to the Secretary of the Board or designate a written copy of their presentation by no later than noon on the Thursday preceding the Board meeting at which they are scheduled to delegate.

11. The written copy so provided will be reviewed by the Chair to ensure its compliance with these By-Laws. No changes to the delegation will be accepted after 4 p.m. of the Thursday preceding the Board meeting at which the delegation is to be presented.

12. The written delegation materials will be distributed to Trustees with the other Board Agenda materials, as per this by-law.

Eligibility to Delegate

13. Where a request to delegate has been accepted, and the delegate is unable to attend the Board meeting for which their delegation has been scheduled, a substitute delegate may be recognized by the Chair, but any such delegate may only give the original, approved presentation, submitted in accordance with section 10 above.

14. Except by special invitation or at the discretion of the Chair, delegates must be at least fourteen years of age. Anyone under the age of 14 may submit a written delegation to Trustees through the Chair.

15. Employees of the Board, or representatives of employee groups shall not utilize delegations to the Board to express their views relative to their employment or professional interests.

Presentation of Delegations

16. Each delegation shall be allowed up to five minutes for their presentation to the Board.

17. After being recognized by the Chair, a delegate may present their delegation, adhering strictly to the written materials previously submitted and reviewed by the Chair.

18. Following the delegates presentation, the Chair will ask the Trustees if there is any point arising out of the delegation which they wish clarified by either the delegate or staff. Except for such questions of clarification, neither Trustees nor staff shall enter into discussion with a delegate, or engage in debate.

19. Any delegate or substitute spokesperson(s) for a delegate is expected to refrain from the use of abusive or derogatory language, or from making any statement concerning the character or performance of named individuals, including students, staff, citizens, or Trustees of the Halton District School Board. Any written delegation which violates this section will be refused by the Chair. Any delegate who violates this section during their presentation shall be ruled out of order by the Chair, and may be asked to discontinue their presentation.

Special Delegation Night

20. Notwithstanding the other sections of this By-Law, the Chair of the Board may at his or her discretion call a Special Delegation Night, specifically for the purpose of hearing delegations on a particular topic, for which all provisions of this By-Law will apply, with the exception that a maximum of 25 rather than 6 delegations will be allowed.

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