Lessons learned from Hamilton’s LRT Fiasco

You might want to read these articles by John Best of The Bay Observer before attending the Halton Region presentation Thu May 29th on the Dundas Street Transportation Corridor Improvements and the long-term transition to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) by 2031. I’m going to ask many questions, including but not limited to, about the safety of pedestrians crossing Dundas.

What sickens you more upon reading these articles? The lack of Councillor scrutiny, them ignoring Rob MacIsaac’s warning, the use of consultants to get public feedback, the expenditures having been hidden under the wrong budget category, the time lost from other important work or the waste of taxpayer dollars?

$9 Million spent selling LRT to council and public 

ES Crosstown VehicleA Bay Observer examination of LRT related documents and other sources provides a picture of a massive public relations campaign in Hamilton that ran from 2008 to 2011 and absorbed millions of dollars in an apparent attempt to manufacture a sense of inevitability for the project. The record suggests funding for what became a $9 Million dollar exercise was buried in the city’s roads budget rather than the Transit budget, where such expenditures would have been more visible … 

Sober second thought on LRT

… Former Hamilton Transit Boss Ted Gill reopened the debate in a presentation to Hamilton City Council May 7th by suggesting the much cheaper Bus Rapid Transit could have the same benefits in terms of city-building that LRT would provide …

[Councillor Terry Whitehead] rejected the widespread notion that Hamilton should take the Billion dollars that the LRT would cost, because it is “free” money from another level of government; pointing out that a bad spending decision is still a bad decision no matter who is paying …


Motion to ban LRT debate sparks….er… debate 

Bay Observer | John Best | May 14, 2014

Hamilton’s LRT debate took on a novel twist when Ward 4 Councillor Sam Merulla introduced a notice of motion to stop all discussion of LRT by …


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